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Who are we?

Founded by Isabelle Cardin and Fabian Garcia, THC translated specializes in English, French and Spanish language services for a client base essentially composed of organizations, businesses, educational institutions and research faculties seeking to promote and disseminate general, scientific and commercial information related to cannabis and the emerging hemp industry.


  • Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.

    Anthony Burgess
    Anthony Burgess,
  • Racheter dans sa propre langue ce pur langage exilé dans la langue étrangère, libérer en le transposant le pur langage captif dans l’œuvre, telle est la tâche du traducteur.

    Walter Benjamin
    Walter Benjamin,



  • The scientific and medical communities have long been aware of the therapeutic potential of cannabis. Medicinal cannabinoids provide relief and other benefits to patients suffering from such ailments as multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy, inflammation, neurodegeneration, anxiety and chronic pain. Nevertheless, research into cannabinoids in their natural state (which is to say, within the cannabis plant itself) has been plagued with legal, political and social obstacles. The spread of knowledge and scientific results is of the utmost importance for the pursuit of research and for patients’ access to the countless benefits of cannabinoids.

  • In many parts of the world, the growth, possession, consumption and sale of cannabis and its derivatives are still criminal offences, subject to prison—and in some cases even death—sentences. The criminality of cannabis is at the root of many social ills, such as black markets and prison overcrowding, and prevents doctors from providing their patients with optimal medical prescriptions. Fortunately, an increasing number of countries are seeing the error of such policy, and are moving towards legalizing the plant. In addition to bringing numerous economic benefits, the legalization of cannabis allows for the full deployment of research efforts and scientific study.

  • In order to offer a high-quality medicinal or recreational product, cannabis producers must adopt rigorous growing practices. A myriad of factors come into play when growing cannabis: climate and photoperiod, crop variety, breadth and nature of the operation, lighting, growth medium, health regulations, security measures, etc. Furthermore, as the industry develops, we see the flourishing of a range of precision methods for determining the ratio of cannabinoids present in each variety, as well as their respective potency. Sound horticultural practices result from the marriage of a gardener’s know-how with the knowledge issuing from research and development.

  • From time immemorial, people around the world have cultivated hemp for its resistant fibres, nourishing seeds and oil. The enactment of the Marijuana Tax Act in the United States led to the disappearance of hemp farming in America virtually overnight, and shortly thereafter, in the world. Thanks to tireless awareness efforts, we are witnessing the resurgence of this sustainable and ecological industry. Hemp is a hardy, fast-growing crop that requires neither irrigation nor chemical intervention, and has the astounding power to decontaminate soil; moreover, it provides valuable raw materials for the food, construction and biofuel industries.

  • While cannabis clearly possesses medicinal properties, its vindication would not be complete without addressing its recreational aspect. It is absurd in this day and age for cannabis to be persistently classed alongside such extremely dangerous drugs as cocaine, heroine, amphetamines and methamphetamines. Cannabis shares nothing in common with these hard and highly addictive substances, and the argument that it serves as a "gateway" drug has long been disproved. When consumed responsibly, it promotes relaxation, creativity, inspiration, and unparalleled well-being.






THC translated translates, edits, adapts and creates a variety of texts for multiple purposes, whose content has the Cannabis sativa plant as its central theme. Among our specialities are:

  • research and scientific summaries, general-public articles, conference reviews;
  • correspondence and official documents, minutes;
  • product descriptions and promotions, event announcements, promotional campaigns;
  • interviews, testimonials, biographies;
  • marketing and information brochures;
  • web content, blogs.

Before undertaking your order, we make sure to have a clear vision of your specific intentions, expected impact and target audience/market. We take pains at every step of the way to respect your expectations and transmit your message in an ethical, professional and faithful manner.

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